Welcome Back!

Church Capacity Doubled

As per current COVID protocol, 200 people are allowed to each of the Mass in the Church. Signing in with QR code and wearing face mask are still mandatory. But Congregational Singing is allowed. All are welcome, irrespective of the vaccination status. You may spread this good news and invite your friends and family to the Church.

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Live Streaming of Liturgies

To join Sunday Vigil Mass click on our Parish YouTube Channel at 5 pm on Saturday.

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Berala Community Care Worker

Patricia, a community care worker has joined the parish for help and referral services concerned with relationships, parenting, aging, disability, addiction, and mental health.  She is employed by CatholicCare and sponsored by the Parish.  When the lockdown is lifted, Patricia will be working one day each week from St Joseph House (next to the church carpark).  From now on, Patricia can be contacted on 0447 529 122.

The parish is providing the office facilities including telephone, internet, and meeting space.  In addition the parish will also share 50% of the wages.  This service is a much needed one in our area.  Therefore, it is included in our outreach and pastoral care plan. You are welcome to refer people and cases to Patricia.  You may also like to share this message with others so that those who need this service will get to know about it.

Sydney Catholic Archbishop, Anthony Fisher OP, has launched the Archbishop’s Afghan Refugee Appeal. The appeal will raise desperately needed funds and commit the Archdiocese resources of education, health and welfare to Afghan families and individuals fleeing their homeland in the wake of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. The UN and aid agencies are preparing for a Syria scale refugee crisis. The appeal means that those who find their way to Australia will have support and resources waiting for them. These dark times remind all of us that we really are our brother and our sisters’ keeper. We urge you to donate here: Archbishop’s Afghan Refugee Appeal 

For further information go to: http://justiceandpeace.org.au/ Thank you on behalf of the Archbishop and those most vulnerable people for your support.

Family/Group Mass

Lockdown is extended which means it will be a long time to go without being able to gather for Mass. Sunday Masses are available on the YouTube channel BERALA PARISH. Should anyone would like to offer a Mass and attend it alone or with others, it is possible using ZOOM platform.

Please contact me on info@stpeter-stjoseph.org.au to organise special group Masses.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP is urging all Catholics to sign an e-petition to prevent the NSW parliament passing laws that sanction the killing of vulnerable human beings. There is never a good time to introduce laws such as this, but to do so in the middle of a pandemic and amidst lockdowns adversely affecting the lives and livelihoods of millions is unconscionable.

Food for Friends

During this lockdown if you are feeling unwell or short of cash or too busy to cook, and need a home cooked meal.

Contact the Parish Office on 9644 7787 | info@stpeter-stjoseph.org.au or SPC School on 9644 9083 | amanda.gahan@syd.catholic.edu.au .

No explanation needed. You can have a choice of yummy dishes for the family. No one shall go hungry in this difficult time.



Dear Parishioners

In the light of the recent announcement about easing the lockdown, we can make some arrangements to reopen the Church. Like you, I too am eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to gather once more to celebrate our faith and give thanks to God.  The re-opening of the church will be staged in line with the NSW Government Roadmap. 


The first stage commences when 70% of eligible people are fully vaccinated – this is expected to be 11 October.  Even though we would be entitled on this date to open churches to the vaccinated only, the Archbishop has decided that we will patiently wait the estimated two further weeks until we reach 80% fully vaccinated before re-opening the churches to the public, and conducting public Masses etc.  However, I will be happy to welcome fully vaccinated people to weekday Masses at 6.45AM, from Monday 11, October.

Numbers for the weekend Masses, (for the fully vaccinated at this stage), will have to be restricted to 90. Therefore, you will be required to register with the parish office to attend weekend Masses till Stage Two. Bookings for weekend Masses will be taken from Wednesday 6 October.

Anyone wishing to organise Baptism for their children is welcome to contact me. Baptisms for families that are fully vaccinated (apart from children not yet eligible for vaccination) is allowed.  Attendees should still wear masks and maintain social distancing.  Confession and other pastoral cares also can be available.


 At 80% fully vaccinated all churches of the Archdiocese will be open to both fully vaccinated and unvaccinatedthe 4 sqm rule will apply, and masks must be worn indoors. All the same I urge everyone to be vaccinated, and so to reduce their risk of serious illness. If you are anxious about mixing with the unvaccinated feel free to remain at home and join the live-streaming of Masses at 5pm on Saturdays which will be continued. We will not be commencing singing as yet.


The Government has advised that from 1 December there will be no difference between the Covid safety requirements for all NSW citizens, whether fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated or unvaccinated.   The key requirement for churches will be the 2sqm rule at all indoor religious gatherings, including weddings and funerals.  

Masks will not be required inside a church (though some people may wish to wear a mask for added protection).

God bless you!

 Fr Thomas Kurunthanam

 Parish Priest

For the latest information visit www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19


For care and support during this time of pandemic, contact CatholicCare on 13 18 19.

QR Code to Donate

Ways to Donate

Contactless donations are possible by direct debit, QR Code, Tap on Facility in the church, and 1st & 2nd Collection jars at the entrance of the church for cash. 


Confessions & Holy Hour 8.30 -9.30 AM;

Mass: Monday – Friday 6.45 AM; Saturday 8 AM; Saturday 5 PM (Vigil) – Livestreamed, Sunday 8 AM & 10 AM

For Baptisms, Weddings, Bible Study and Catholic Enquiry, please contact Fr Thomas or the parish office on 9644 7787.


There are always people making inquiries about becoming Catholics.  A new program of RCIA will be commencing in the Parish this year. 

Anyone interested in the Catholic Church and faith is welcome to contract the Parish Office on 9644 7787 or info@stpeter-stjoseph.org.au.

Fr Thomas will be meeting with the applicants before a suitable program of instructions is presented.


To view or download the Overview of the Archdiocese’s Child Safeguarding Policy click on the link below:

To view or download the Archdiocese of Sydney’s Protocol: Managing Safeguarding Complaints, click on the link below:

Child sexual abuse is a crime. The appropriate people to deal with crimes are the police. If you, or anyone you know, have been abused, please contact the police.

Alternatively, you can contact the Safeguarding and Ministerial Integrity Office at (02) 9390 5810 or safeguardingenquiries@sydneycatholic.org. You may also want to speak to your Parish Priest who will be able to provide support and guidance. The Archdiocese has a legal obligation to report crimes to the police.