Letter from Sacramental Co-ordinator – 13 July 2021

Dear Parents,

A very good morning to each one of you. Pray that each one of you are well and safe.

Given the latest development with COVID 19, the parish has made adjustments to our Sacramental Programs.

The sacramental team has decided to put the preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation on hold for now and awaiting direction from the Archdiocese. Given the uncertainty of the Covid situation , we at this point in time are unable to schedule any plans for the preparations.  

Therefore, classes will not go ahead until further notice. Your patience is greatly appreciated during this trying times and rest assured you will be informed of the outcome as soon as we receive formal direction from the Archdiocese.

However, in the meanwhile you are encouraged to guide your child through the spirituality of Confirmation through prayer and teachings so that the fire of enthusiasm and the desire and love of our faith with grow in their hearts.

I pray that each one of you will come closer together as a family and use this trying time as an opportunity to love and be loved.

Needless to say that we, the parents will always be the first teachers to our children, the best legacy we could ever leave for our children would be our FAITH.

Kindly do not hesitate to contact me, should you have any question or doubts.

Keep safe, God’s blessing and protection upon each one of you,

Sophia Brewty

For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Sophia Brewty on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Email: sacraments@stpeter-stjoseph.org.au

Phone:  (02) 9644 7787

The sacrament of confirmation completes the sacrament of baptism. If baptism is the sacrament of re-birth to a new and supernatural life, confir- mation is the sacrament of maturity and coming of age. The real confession of Christ consist in this ‘that the whole man submits himself to Truth, in the judgment of his understanding, in the submission of his will and in the consecration of his whole power of love . . . To do this, poor-spirited man is only able when he has been confirmed by God’s grace’

This confirmation in the power of the Holy Spirit leading to a firm profession of faith has always been the particular effect which Catholic tradition has ascribed to the sacrament. It is effect which complements and completes that of baptism.

Confirmation is a true sacrament instituted by Christ and different from baptism. It is administered by laying-on of hands and anointing with chrism accompanied by prayer. The chrism is blessed by the bishop and the bishop administers the sacrament. All baptized persons can and should be confirmed. The effect of the sacrament of confirmation is to give strength in faith and for the confession of faith and to impress an indelible character.