A message from Fr Thomas

The joy of a mum meeting his son could work miracles.  My mum, who relied on a walking frame since her hospitalisation before Christmas, feels strong enough now to discard it from the moment I came home.  It makes me think that the well-being of our dear ones depends on the relationships and the emotional support they receive than on the fitness plans and medications, though they are necessary.

The spread of COVID continues to be a worry in Kerala.  But I got to admit the approach to it is different here.  Arriving from Australia, I was advised by the health officials at the airport to home quarantine for six days and have a test on the seventh day.  Therefore, I was prepared for “an Australian style” isolation in a closed room.  But self-isolation seems to mean differently here.  The local parish priest is happy to have me at his church anytime.  My brother encouraged me to be out and about for some shopping.  Perhaps the only reminder of COVID19 is mask-wearing faces everywhere including in private cars.  As long as there are no symptoms no one bothers about COVID19.  People assume personal responsibility for their own well-being.  State rules are only a guideline and not meant to be in control of the personal lives!  I can cope with this sense of individual freedom.  But I shall wait out my one week quarantine before visiting my sick sister Tomsy.

Evening was particularly reminiscent of my childhood days.  I joined my brother and his family who sat together with our mother for the evening prayer.  The family prayer started with the Angelus and included prayers for the deceased, Our Lady’s Rosary, Sacred Heart Rosary, and divine mercy chaplet. The prayer session finished with a Bible Reading.  Yes, my childhood family prayers have not changed in this home, except for one thing; it used to be before dinner, now it is after dinner.  Thanks to my mum for the legacy of the deep devotion.

Jesus at the wedding feast at Cana transformed water into plenty of wine (over one hundred gallons).  Though his time for the sign of the Kingdom had not come, his mother’s intercession was too powerful for Jesus to refuse her request.  Such is the power of the prayer of intercession.  Like most Christians my mother also believes in the power of prayer and insist on the family prayer everyday.

As a sign, the elements of the Cana wedding narrative have symbolic value.  For the Jewish people, “water” represents the Law of Moses.  The lavish supply of wine represents the Kingdom of God and the joy it brings.  The people who followed the commands of God are to experience the joy of the Kingdom of God.  It is to happen through Mary’s intercession to Jesus our Saviour, who later on the cross showed the final sign of God’s love.  My dear parishioners, though I am not physically present to intercede for you  through the eucharist with you, be assured of my prayers from India.

It was good to hear that Fr Mirko Integlia will be coming to assist in my absence.  He will be residing in the presbytery, which makes him more available than a visiting priest.  Just as you have made Fr Bhaskar feel welcome, do the same with Fr Mirko too.

May the Kingdom of God continue to unfold for you.

~Fr Thomas Kurunthanam