Registration for the First Holy Communion is now open!

If your child was baptised at St Peter Chanel Church or St Joseph the Worker Church, you do not need to submit a copy of the baptism certificate. However, if baptised elsewhere, you will need to email a copy of the baptism certificate.

Payment of the $30 Registration Fee can be made by bank transfer to our account under St Peter Chanel & St Joseph Berala Parish Account, BSB: 062 784 A/C: 4665001.

Kindly email copy of baptism certificate and remittance for payment of registration fee to (In your bank transfer, please put reference as FHC Child’s Firstname Initial Surname, eg FHC S BREWTY).

Registration closes 30 April. Click on link below to register:|UNIQID|

Holy Communion Sacred Items & Some Facts

Fr Russo – Talk – Gift of Faith

Fr Hugh Thomas – “How to make your child’s First Holy Communion a memorable experience for you and your child”

We have finalised the dates for the Sacrament of First Holy Communion:

●          Group 1 – Saturday 17th October 2020 at 11.00 am

●         Group 2 – Saturday 14th November 2020 at 11.00 am

Please read the instructions below carefully as there’s a few changes and guidelines due to COVID-19


Five members per family to attend the Mass (inclusive of your child receiving the sacrament).

If your immediate family members consist of more than 5 members, please get in touch with me.

You will need to provide a list of each person attending once you finalise your date.

You are welcome to take photos before and after Mass.

Please note that selection of the date is dependent on the families completing the preparations that have been set up via google classroom, zoom meetings and one on one meeting with Father Thomas.   Hence, I encourage each one of you to get on board as we are close to the finish line.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information and please keep this intention in your prayers.  God bless!

~Sophia Brewty, Sacramental Co-ordinator


Holy Mass: Sacrifice, Celebration & Thanksgiving

At the Celebration of Mass or the Lord’s Supper, the People of God are called together into one to celebrate the memorial of the Lord’s Paschal Mystery, the Eucharistic sacrifice. The Eucharistic Sacrifice makes the gathered community present at the Last Supper, Calvary, Christ’s entombment and the Resurrection of Christ. It is the obligation of faithful Catholics to “keep holy the Lord’s day” through participation at the Celebration of Mass. At this gathering, following the traditions set out in the Acts of the Apostles, singing at least some parts of the Mass is encouraged. If anyone of the parishioners is celebrating a special occasion, like a wedding anniversary, birthday, or the anniversary of a deceased relative, he/she is welcome to arrange with the priest to join the Offertory Procession, taking gifts to the Altar.

Only baptised Catholics who have prepared themselves are invited to receive Holy Communion. Holy Communion is a sign of the oneness of faith and unity within the community, while also being the nourishment of Christ’s body for our journey through life. The Body of Christ is given to the communicant normally in their open hand or on the tongue; and it is to be eaten at once with devotion and reverence. Should you see anyone behaving differently, urge them to consume immediately. Sick or immobile communicants are welcome to organise with the priest or the acolyte to receive communion at their seats.

Non-Catholics and Catholics who are not prepared to receive Holy Communion on a particular day are invited to come forward and receive a blessing from the priest or deacon. This is indicated by placing your hand on your shoulder when approaching the priest.

Getting together on Sundays is an occasion to greet one another and to celebrate the joy of Christ together. Making oneself available for socialising before and after Mass will enhance the celebration of God’s love.

Holy Communion for the Sick

Our parish is built around the acceptance of a desire to gather as a faith community. The sacramental, liturgical and pastoral life of the parish are intertwined. The fruit of this life according to the Spirit is holiness. Visits to the sick and elderly could be either to comfort them in their loneliness or to take Holy Communion to them.

If at any time, you or one of your family cannot attend Mass due to sickness, we are only too happy to make arrangements for that person to receive Communion at home. Sickness is not to be a barrier to receiving Communion. It should in fact be a greater reason for receiving the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Communion is brought to the sick by a priest or deacon, or by one of the acolytes or Extraordinary Ministers of  Holy Communion.

When Holy Communion is brought to the sick at home, it is good to prepare with prayer and also by having a place prepared alongside the sick person. A small crucifix and a candle on a white cloth should be sufficient. A glass of water for the sick person will help if he/she has trouble swallowing.

Special Mass Intention Offerings

Should you wish to make an offering towards a special Mass Intention, there are Mass Intention envelopes available in the foyer of the church. The recommended stipend for an ordinary Mass Intention is $10 and for a November Mass is $20.
Intentions could be for deceased relatives and friends or for a special petition or could be a thanksgiving for a special occasion. Though most of the intentions for the deceased are mentioned during the Sunday Mass, the priest will celebrate a separate Mass for each of the intentions. Mass stipends are considered as gifts to the priests and are not included in the income of the parish.