Fr Thomas’ Reflection for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Cardinal Pell, though not considering his ordeal in the prison was the worst, said it was difficult. Then he told us that it is his faith that helped him endure his 13 months of lock up. There are many martyrs and near martyrs who endured terrible persecution because of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Fr Thomas’ Reflection for Pentecost Sunday

Jesus did not start a church during his time on earth. The Church was born after his death, on the feast of Pentecost. John, in his Gospel, tells us that the birth of the Church was a new creation God carried out through his Spirit in the light of Jesus’ resurrection.

Fr Thomas’ Reflection for The Ascension of the Lord

In the midst of the COVID uncertainties and restrictions, the joy of life could be dulled. We need the risen Lord with us these days. Therefore, it might look a bit odd to celebrate the departure of Jesus in this time. But Matthew tells us why we should celebrate the Ascension of Jesus. The ascension of the Lord to Heaven (the departure of the Lord) is also the continued presence of the Lord on earth.

Fr Thomas’ Reflection for the 6th Sunday of Easter

The thought of life after the corona pandemic is causing a lot of anxiety for many. The countries and regions which are much more badly affected than Australia are in the shadow of much more fear and anxiety than our local brothers and sisters. Yet anxiety is a terrible thing that can eat into the sense of security in life. In a worse case it can even question your sense of identity and purpose of life. Disciples of Jesus also had terrible anxiety, not because of corona virus, but because their Master and Teacher, Jesus, is gone.

Fr Thomas’ Reflection for the 5th Sunday of Easter

Can you do anything greater than what Jesus did? Yes, you can do greater things, if you are a disciple of Jesus. When Jesus was preparing his disciples for his departure from them, he told them, “I tell you solemnly, whoever believes in me will perform the same works as I do myself, he will perform even greater works, because I am going to the Father.”